Cow in Spring Snow

On The Hillside

Cow and Calf Together

Head to Head

Cow and Calf Winter Break

Cow at Salt Lick

Two Heads

Cattle Behind Dolphin Pond

Steer in Spring Grass

Calf Bullseye

Winter Calf

Two Cria

Llama in Winter Pasture

Winter Llama

Mama Llama

Pasture with Llama

Cria and Dam

Llama in Trees

Llama Standing

Three Llamas

Ostrich Blue Skies

Sheep, Lamb and Green Pasture

Flock in Snowy Pasture

Black Faced Sheep in Snowy Pasture

Black Sheep Flock

Sheep Graze Log Pasture

Winter Sheep

Two Sheep Faces

Lamb on Mom in Snow

Lamb on Sheep in Snow

Lamb and Sheep

Ewe and two Lambs

Rainbow Sheep

Sheep in Snow

Sheep Near Shed

Three Sheep

Black Sheep, White Sheep

Five Goats

Winter Goats

Goat At Dolphin Pond

Kid in Snowy Grass

Goat Siesta

Goats Surround Ranch Hand

Goats Follow Dinner

Goat Group

Goats On A Log

Two Goats

Kid on Straw

Itchy Kid

Newborn Kid and Nanny

Young Goat Looking

Three Kids

White Horned Goat Standing

Winter Feeding

April At Dolphin Pond

June At Dolphin Pond

Creek Log Pasture

Spring At Dolphin Pond

Pasture Snow Line

Canada Geese On the Hillside

December Winter Pasture

Snowy Pasture

Blue Skies and Mountains

Fluffy Clouds Over Pastures

Dry Grass Ranch

November Hut Field

November Foggy Road

October Twilight

Pasture Under Cloudy Skies

Ploughing Snow on Ranch Road

Ranch Spot of Beauty

Road To Ranch

Ruby Mountains in April

September Pasture in Gold

Tractor on the Ranch

Trees Budding Red

Dry Pasture And Ruby Mountains

Viewing The Ranch

Winter Morning

Winter Pasture Winter Light