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Lamoille,Nevada (20 miles SouthEast Elko,NV)

Ron & Nancy Blackman
1073 Hubert Road
Oakland, CA. 94610




Mocha is the big stud sheep. And he really needed shearing.

And then there was "Handsome" who recently left us....





One part of the ranch is quite wet and the cattle really like it for the summer shade and the munchies.

Mocha got along great with the goats and seemed to enjoy playing with the kids (goat kind)

The Angora goats are very friendly..and easy to shear.

And Vera, our ostrich, gets along well with the other animals and gives us an egg every so often (tastes just like an egg)

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We have 9 or 10 goats we are ready to sell. Some kids 6-9 months and some adult females. They are probably 3-5 years old and have produced good kids and lots of hair for spinning. We have thought of them as Angora - but probably not. Pictures of the goats and of one of them getting sheared are shown. Price is $75 and please e-mail if interested. For more pictures or information click here You'll be welcome to come and see at the ranch in Lamoille.

Lambs for sale - October- pasture and corn fed $80

FOR a map of how to get from Lamoille Highway near the canyon to our ranch click here